UHPLC Upgrade

The Pressure Extension Kit

  • The electronic booster box with accessories
  • 5 pre-assembled connection cables
  • Detailed installation and operating instructions

For this purpose, we recommend our original fischer high-performance
Products such as seals and TiN injection needles.
You can find our upgrade kit in our webshop.

The chromatography

Liquid chromatography is constantly evolving. The trend is towards ever higher speed and separation performance. Here, the separation performance of the system depends primarily on the particle size of the stationary phase. The entire system must be tuned to the size of the particles so that the technology can produce optimum results. Thus, it is quite possible to use the new column technology with HPLC systems.
Ways to improve performance on Alliance 269X models
However, standard HPLC systems (up to 400 bar) with core shell or sub-2-μm columns quickly reach their limit here. In this case, a pressure increase of 200 bar would already massively increase the performance of the HPLC.
Waters has set standards here with the Acquity UPLC. Shortly thereafter, the so-called UHPLC systems of the competitors appeared on the market, which are improved HPLC systems. They can build up a pressure of up to 1400 bar.

Upgrade Kit Speed


An unequal struggle. This is because the performance of UHPLC is significantly higher than traditional HPLC. Analysis times can easily be halved without compromising quality.
Best of all, you can also convert your HPLC into a UHPLC with just a few flicks of the wrist – thanks to our sophisticated Waters Alliance Pressure Extension Kit!
The fischer UHPLC Upgrade Kit takes advantage of the fact that the Waters Acquity UPLC system is a direct derivative of the Waters Alliance HPLC 2695. This applies above all to the core components of the pump piston drive: the dimensions of the stepper motor, support bearing and recirculating ball screw are identical in both systems.
This is where the fischer UHPLC Pressure Extension Kit comes in!

That’s how safe your upgrade kit is:
No higher wear of seals and pistons at 600 bar operating pressure.
All system specifications are met Qualification and validation in the GLP environment is easily possible.

Kit variants

Level 1

Our upgrade kit not only saves you money, it’s also a breeze to install. All you have to do is plug in the pressure sensors and your HPLC is ready for the coming laboratory age. You can further enhance the performance of your Alliance to be equivalent to UPLC H-Class and close to binary UPLC with our optional Level 2 and Level 3 instrument tuning.

Level 2

Simply optimize capillary diameters to reduce dead volume to approximately 400 μl and demonstrably achieve the Waters specification of the Acquity H-Class. Thanks to the Alliance’s injector design, it is also possible to inject very large volumes onto small columns, which is not possible with the Acquity.

Level 3

The highest level of the fischer upgrade includes our original fischer high-performance seals and fischer injection needles with titanium nitride coating.
for use. In addition, the dead volume is further optimized. In addition, the drain valve is removed because the waste line is perfectly adequate for venting.


The fischer UHPLC Upgrade Kit is specified up to 600 bar.
Until then, you can operate your Alliance HPLC in its original condition without further ado.
Higher pressures are possible, but require further measures.
For these cases, you should therefore plan for levels 2 and 3.

Yes. We tested the tuned Alliance with both the original seals and our optimized fischer high-performance seals. We tested the tuned Alliance with both the original seals and our optimized fischer high-performance seals. So not even the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance interval of one year changes.

Yes. This is because the existing HLPC system is not changed mechanically. The Stage 1 upgrade increases pressure electronically only. Therefore, proof of Performance Qualification is sufficient. This test captures all changes to the system and should be performed before and after installation. You can also take additional Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualifications (PQ). Requirements for this are regulated internally in the SOPs.
All upgraded systems supply valid data.

Alliance, Acquity, UPLC, UPLC H-Class are brand names of Waters.