For all laboratory equipment we offer leasing and financing options.

Ask us for information and advice or have a look at our attractive renting options.
The benefits at a glance:

Since the leasing company takes on the financing of the object, the lessee gets a wider financial leeway for future decisions.
Moreover the dependencies on credit institutes will be reduced.

Since the lease payments come up parallel to the usage of the object, the leasing object will finance itself. (Effect/Cost congruence).
The financing cost spreads over the operating life and with that over the time span, in which especially the contract laboratory generates profits.

Contractual freedom and flexibility allows, in relation to term, amortization- and payment patterns as well as the method of payment, the adjustment to your individual needs. We also offer leasing for used equipment and “innovation leasing” – so that you may use the latest technology in your laboratory.

The rate will not be influenced by changes in interest rates and rating in the long term and will serve as a secure basis for calculation.

Leased objects will not show up in the lessee’s balance. Only the rates will be recorded as operating expenses in the profit and loss account.
Therefore the equity ratio and the debt-equity ratio will not change (better rating!)

Leasing rates are completely tax-deductible as operating expenses, if the object is fiscally assigned to the lessor.

The acquisition of ownership and liquidity preservation are your priority and you want to keep financial flexibility.
The financing object must be reported in balance, can therefore directly depreciated and allows you to make use of investment grants.
Spread the rates easily over 12, 24 or 48 months or arrange a rate period closely to your interests with us.
The legal ownership is automatically yours after the payment of the last rate.