We are offering our customers the possibility to rent one of our tested LC-MS or HPLC systems.

Renting is an inexpensive option to use a system, if it is not worth purchasing.

When a system meets your requirements and you want to purchase it, 75% of already paid instalment
will be credited on the purchase price. To the right is a list, which shows the rates based on the list price.
Two months are the minimum period for renting.

For example:

  • to deal with an increased sample volume
  • to carry out a project; and you need the system only for it
  • to test a system to check the suitability for certain applications

After the end of the rental period you can send the system insured back to us or you let us pick it up for
a marginal fee. Because it is necessary to maintain the system after usage a small maintenance flat will be added.

The total cost including rent, delivery and testing flat will fall due within 10 days after delivery.
An extension of the period is possible, when you contact us before the period ends.

Months Percent
2 9,0%
3 8,5%
4 8,0%
5 7,5%
6-8 7,0%
9-12 6,5%
ab 13 5,8%