We offer an effective repair service for a wide range of different analytical instruments.

These include HPLCs, GCs and mass spectrometers from many manufacturers.

The first contact can already be made through the contact form or by a phone call with one of our technicians. When doing so, give us as accurate a description of the error as possible. If possible, we can already localize the problem and correct the error together.
If an independent repair is not possible or you prefer to put the device in safe hands, you can ask us to repair it and we will prepare an individual offer in advance, as far as this is possible without viewing the device.

Unless otherwise discussed, complete a Repair Order Accompanying Sheet and send the unit to us securely packaged. The device will then be checked for the errors you mentioned. After precise determination of the defects, it may be possible to update our repair offer.
If you agree with this, a conscientious repair and a check for compliance with the specifications, as well as several quality-assuring tests are carried out.
You will then receive your device repaired and tested with an accurate and signed report of our work.

If you wish to have the equipment repaired on site, this can also be done.

We mainly repair instruments from Waters, Agilent und Thermo, including but not limited to HPLCs and Massenspectrometers.
Do not hesitate to ask us about other possible repairs.