Preparative HPLC Service

High Performance Liquid Chromatographie Service

Whether large biomolecules such as proteins or oligonucleotides from synthesis, natural product extracts or chiral compounds – we are your strong partner for your separation problems.

What do we offer?

Our team has years of experience not only in maintaining and optimizing HPLC equipment, but also in supporting your methods and applications. We offer you to benefit from this experience. We achieve excellent purity for you in the processing of your samples. We use the latest methods and applications and clean up products on any scale. To do this, we improve existing methods to make them more efficient and better or develop completely new ones for you.

How do we characterize your product?

All purified substances are analyzed by LC-HR-MS/MS. You will receive detailed reports and certificates of analysis for your products.
On request, we also offer other characterizations such as NMR, UV-VIS and others.

We would be happy to establish the developed methods in your laboratory!

Contact us today and one of our experts will contact you to discuss the best strategy for your product.

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