LC-MS Herbst Sale 2022


LC-MS Herbst Sale 2022

Dear customers and colleagues,

After the summer break, autumn is approaching in leaps and bounds!

Therefore, our popular LC-MS Fall Sales Special with interesting offers for used and new equipment will follow again this year. Join us in being one step ahead of the next year! We can find the right offer for you, such as:

Mass spectrometers

SCIEX QToF 5600 SCIEX QTRAP 3200 Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum Ultra Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Velos Pro Thermo Scientific LTQ XL Waters Quattro Premier XE Waters Quattro micro Waters ZQ Waters TQ Detector Waters QToF micro

UHPLC, HPLC und LC Komponenten

Agilent 1200 HPLC Agilent 1260 HPLC

Waters ACQUITY UPLC with various detectors: Waters ACQUITY TUV Waters ACQUITY PDA Waters ACQUITY FLR Waters ACQUITY ELSD and optionally with binary or quaternary pump and Column Manager

Waters Alliance 2690 & 2690 bio & 2695, also available with our Pressure Extension Kit

Varian SD1 Preparative systems

Other Lab Equipment

This year we also offer you clean benches, nitrogen generators (cmc and peaks) and various backing pumps from the manufacturers Edwards, Leybold and Varian!

We also sell new equipment from the manufacturers FLOM, Knauer and Waters! We also offer on request demos of the devices as well as training with our highly qualified technicians and application specialists!

If you are interested please contact us! We are looking forward to be hearing from you!

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