Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum Ultra

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TSQ Quantum Ultra
Mass Range
• 30–1500 Da (TSQ Quantum Ultra/Ultra AM)
• 7500 (FWHM) at m/z 508 of polytyrosine
• Resolution is continuously adjustable to better than 0.1 Da peak width (FWHM) across the entire mass range.
Electrospray (ESI) at Unit Resolution A 5 μL loop injection of a 200 fg/μL (0.329 fmol/μL) reserpine solution at a flow rate of 400 μL/min 50/50 IPA/water will produce a minimum signal-to-noise ratio of 50:1 for the transition of the protonated molecular ion at m/z 609.3 to the fragment ion at m/z 195.1 when operated in selected reaction monitoring mode (SRM) with Q1 and Q3 resolution set to 0.7 Da FWHM.