Injection needle for 2690, 2695 and 717 TitaniumNitride coated

Produktinformationen "Injection needle for 2690, 2695 and 717 TitaniumNitride coated"
Injection needle for 2690 and 2695 Alliance Separations Module and 717 Autosampler
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This needle is superior to all other needles. It is inert against acid, base and other solvents. The inner tube surface is passivated with HNO3. The 3µm Titanium Nitride layer protects the tip and surface from mechanical wear. TiN shows very low friction to the seals, this leads to a longer PM interval. We recommend to change the seals every two years or after 20.000 injections. As long as the needle has it´s golden surface it can be re-used. This needle is a long lasting investment.