Injection needle for 2690, 2695 and 717

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Injection needle for 2690 and 2695 Alliance Separations Module and 717 Autosampler
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This needle is available as a single part from Waters 700001247 or as a kit WAT271019. The same for the 717 injector, kit WAT045559. Our needles and seals can also be used to repair a 717 sealpack. Remove the old seals, insert new ones, screw the sealpack together and you have a new sealpack. Some service people may have told you that the complete sealpack must be changed because the seals are pre-aligned. In practice there is no magic and you can re-use your old stainless steel parts with new seals. The alignment is done by the sealpack calibration in the 717 diagnostics.
Watch out for other aftermarket needles. Quality is most important. This part must be manufactured precisely. Our needle has some new features compared to the original part. Our surface modification shows highly reduced friction to the seals. A micro fluidic solvent film is built on the surface that acts as a lubricant. With this needle installed the injector is able to do injections over 1000bar (15k psi)!