Waters Alliance Boot ROM Kit

Produktinformationen "Waters Alliance Boot ROM Kit"
(PROM Kit) This kit is needed in case of a failed firmware upgrade procedure. This can be caused by a faulty (dusty) disk drive in the Alliance.
After a failed upgrade the Alliance can&apos,t initialize. In this case you need a fresh set of boot roms. The chips U13 and U14 are located
in the top right corner of the Alliance mainboard. The mainboard can be accessed by removing the left side panel.
You can use two small flat screwdrivers or a plcc removal tool to pull the chips out. The chips have a flat edge and fit only in one direction.
When the chips are replaced the Alliance runs a boot program where it can read a firmware disk. Based on this firmware floppy disk you
can make it a 269X/279X or dissolution module.

We recommend to use a new floppy disk and a tested floppy drive for firmware upgrades.

Replaces Waters part no.: WAT271250
Version: 1.2
Quantity: 1
For Waters Alliance 2690 Separations Module, 2690D Dissolution Separations Module, 2695 Separations Module, 2695D Dissolution Separations Module, 2790 Separations Module, 2795 Separations Module
CAS: [25876-10-2], [25876-11-3]