Waters Xevo QToF MS

Product information "Waters Xevo QToF MS"
Mass resolution:
> 10,000 FWHM measured on the 6+ ion from bovine insuline at 956 m/z

MS sensitivity:
The peak at 556 m/z from a solution of 25 pg/µl leucine enkephalin infused at a flow rate of 5 µl/min will have an intensity of greater than 1700 counts per second.

Mass accuracy:
The mass measurement accurarcy of the instrument using an internal lockmass will be less than 2 ppm over a range from 150 to 900 Da.

The TOF mass range is 20 to 100,000 Da. The quadrupole mass range is 20 to 4000 Da in resolving mode and 20 to 16,000 Da in non-resolving mode.

Spectra can be acquired at a rate of 20 per sec.