Purchase, valuation, sale - leave it to us

Unused laboratory equipment is dead capital! We buy your unused equipment and analyzers - sell your used laboratory equipment at an interesting price with the help of fischer analytics. For this purpose we provide you with different ways.

When you entrust us with your equipment for purchase, you can count on giving it to an experienced trading partner.

Together with you, we will achieve an optimal result where both parties are satisfied.

fischer analytics has been active in the laboratory equipment business since 2008 and has enough expertise to fairly trade.

You sell your used laboratory equipment directly to us. In doing so, you save yourself any further effort in trading the equipment.


We add your laboratory equipment to our sales lists / website and then purchase it when we have a customer for the equipment. Due to the low capital commitment on our part, you achieve a better price than if you sell us the equipment immediately.


We take your laboratory equipment on commission and, if a potential customer is interested in buying, provide you with his contact details. When the contract is signed, we receive a commission from you. Here you get the best price, but it can also take the longest and you may then have to give the customer the warranty.

Interest aroused? Then contact us with the necessary information

For a quick evaluation for the purchase the following information is necessary
  • Exact device designation (manufacturer / item designation and serial number).
  • Information about the equipment of the device (equipment options such as sources, probes, injectors, detectors, software packages, interfaces).
  • Details of accessories offered with the instrument and service reports.
  • Operating condition of the instrument, as well as any known defects (technical as well as visual).
  • Year of manufacture / date of commissioning / date of decommissioning.
  • Information about your original purchase price.
  • Your approximate asking price for the proceeds of the sale.
  • Information about the company name, address and phone number / e-mail of the person in charge.
  • some pictures of the device in a size of approx. 2MB would round off the whole.

We are always interested in the following laboratory equipment

  • Mass spectrometer LC-MS systems Agilent / AB Sciex / Thermo Fisher / Waters
  • HPLC and UHPLC systems Agilent / Shimadzu / Thermo Fisher / Waters
  • mass spectrometers GC-MS Agilent MSD (all series)
  • preparative HPLC systems WATERS Autopurification
  • preparative HPLC systems VARIAN SD-1, complete SD-2 systems, RAM / Load+Lock packing stands