Special machinery, on behalf of the benefit of experts in Griesheim. Gebracuhte laboratory equipment, compressors, compressed air technology, screwing and assembly technology.
For over 25 years the specialist for Spark Holland, Merck-Hitachi and Shimadzu HPLC. Authorized distributor for Rheodyne, Upchurch, Shodex, Advantec, DataApex and Young Lin.

University of Florence - PeptLab is a multidisciplinary, interdepartmental research unit with great expertise in peptide and protein chemistry and biology, synthesis and molecular characterization, both at the biological and structural level.

Unity Scientific has been developing and manufacturing NIR systems for the global market for 15 years.Especially in the field of quality analysis of agricultural, food and industrial products, Unity has become a leading manufacturer and supplier.

Vakuumtec, your independent complete solution in vacuum technology. Repair, maintenance and sales of vacuum pumps from various manufacturers.

TecLabS, Technical Laboratory Services Europe GmbH & Co. KG, your specialist and partner for manufacturer-independent service in the field of HPLC, GC and dissolution systems in Europe.

The Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Department is our ZIM project partner.