We offer you the possibility to rent one of our verified LC-MS or HPLC instruments

If the instrument meets your requirements and you wish to purchase it, 75% of the installment amount already paid will be applied to the purchase price. On the right you can see the installment percentage based on the list price. With us, a minimum period of two months applies.

For example to:

  • handle an increased sample volume
  • carry out a project and you only need the instrument for that purpose
  • test an instrument to determine suitability for specific applications
At the end of the rental period, you can either return the instrument insured or have us pick it up for a small fee. Since maintenance is required after use, a maintenance fee will be charged.
The total costs including rental, delivery and inspection fee are due within 10 days after delivery of the device.
An extension of the term is possible without further ado if you contact us before the end of the period in this regard.
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