FPLC and (bio) purification solutions

The rapid separation and purification of proteins is a very demanding task. Many parameters are important here, and the work must be clean and reproducible. For this purpose, fischer analytics offers AZURA®, a sophisticated platform for biochromatography based on years of LC experience and extremely variable in configuration.

AZURA Bio LC FPLC systems

are designed for high performance, flexibility and ease of use.The system solutions cover wide flow rates from 0.02 ml/min to 1000 ml/min (analytical to pilot / pilot plant).A wide range of measuring cells and detectors allows detection optimized for your application.The available benchtop cooling eliminates the need for costly cold rooms / LC cabinets and allows operation in any laboratory. fischer analytics will of course support you in system configuration and application development. Flexible and adaptable for your bio purifications

  • Bio LC systems, analytical to pilot scale
  • Bio LC detectors, pH, C, UV, DAD, FLD (ELSD and MS solutions)
  • Bio LC software, volumen based
  • Bio LC glass columns ECO and ECOplus up to 80 bar
  • Bio LC column racks
  • mobile Control App

Please inquire here, we will create the ideal system for your application at an interesting price.