We also offer leasing and financing for all laboratory equipment offered

Let us advise you free of charge and, if necessary, also take a look at our attractive leasing options. Your advantages:


Since the leasing company takes over the financing of the object, the lessee has a broader financial scope for future decisions. In addition, dependencies on credit institutions are reduced.

"Pay as you earn" concept

Since the leasing installments accrue parallel to the use of the object, the leasing object finances itself, so to speak (effect/cost congruence). The financing expense is spread over the useful life and thus over the period in which the contract laboratory in particular generates income from the object.

Free contract design

Flexible contract design in terms of term, amortization and payment schedule, as well as the method of payment, makes it possible to adapt to your individual needs. We also offer leasing for used equipment and machines, as well as innovation leasing - so that you can always use the latest technology in your laboratory.

Calculation basis

The rate is not affected by interest rate changes or rating changes, even in the long term, and thus serves as a secure basis for calculation.

Balance sheet neutrality

Leased assets do not appear on the lessee's balance sheet. Only the installments are recorded as operating expenses in the income statement. The equity ratio and the debt ratio therefore do not change (better rating!).

Tax advantages

Leasing installments are fully deductible as operating expenses for tax purposes if the asset is assigned to the lessor for tax purposes.

Full amortization calculation

Acquiring ownership in addition to preserving liquidity is a priority for you and you still want to remain financially flexible. The financing object is subject to accounting and can therefore be included in the immediate depreciation and thus gives you the opportunity to claim investment allowances. Spread the installments conveniently over 12, 24 or even 48 months or agree with us on an installment period tailored to your needs. You automatically receive legal ownership upon payment of your last installment.