fischer organics Protein & Peptidsequenzierung Service


At fischer organics we offer complete analysis of proteins and peptides using state-of-the-art technologies and the latest industry standard in proteomics research! Discover our proteomics and peptide sequencing service!

In the bottom-up database, proteins are first degraded by proteolytic enzymes and the resulting peptides are analyzed by LC-HR-MS/MS. High-resolution mass spectrometers such as ToF and Orbitrap Analyzer are used. The acquired mass spectra are compared with a database of known protein sequences and the protein sequence is identified. In this way, for example, potential antigens are identified as targets in pharmaceuticals. Our team has many years of experience and will be happy to advise you on our proteomics and peptide sequencing services.

De-novo Sequencing Service

Although protein identification by mass spectrometry is well established in databases, the method is not applicable when the protein sequence is not available in the current database. Therefore, de novo sequencing is the only method for identifying novel peptides, unsequenced organisms, and antibody drugs that could not be detected by database search methods. However, de novo sequencing presents more challenges than traditional database searching, such as unclear assignments of fragment ions, insufficient product ions resulting from incomplete fragmentation leading to low sequence coverage, and difficulties in distinguishing ion series.

Our team of experts at fischer organics has many years of experience in the analysis of proteins and peptides and is your competent partner for your protein analysis. 

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