We are European distributor of the products of FLOM Co. Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan since 2010

The company name "FLOM" is derived from the combination of "FLOw" and the letter "M", for "Mechatronics". The O and M in the FLOM logo represent the ball and valve seat of an HPLC valve (check valve).The FLOM company was founded in October 1990. The following year they developed the industry's first miniature high performance degasser: "GASTORR", which offered a dramatic improvement over conventional degassers and worldwide marketing and distribution began. In 1992, the first miniature intelligent HPLC pump followed. Featuring innovative and unconventional technology, it quickly attracted attention. The compact size allowed multiple pumps to be mounted in the system. Therefore, FLOM began to focus further on miniaturization, and also constantly improved the operability. FLOM has introduced many new products to the market in recent years. Furthermore, it is committed to the development of "unconventional" HPLC parts and subsystems, as well as in reactor technology and microfluidics. FLOM also sees export opportunities in the United States, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries. We are eager to join this way, to provide these high quality products to our customers at interesting prices. → Total program and more information about this can be found in the online store Some great products are already shown here.