We distribute products from Sciencix since 2011

Sciencix formerly Chromatography Technology Services Corp. - CTS for short - was founded in 1985 by Steve Harris.Mr. Harris was employed by Waters USA and subsequently started his own business.With many years of experience in HPLC equipment, he focused on repair and maintenance of systems.Soon after, his own spare parts were manufactured.The developments were so good that over time these became the main business of CTS.In 2003, the company became a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of spare parts, true to their ideal of producing parts that are as good as the originals.Today, the company employs more than 25 people.CTS has its own development department, sales and quality control.CTS spare parts are extensively tested and are subject to strict quality control.The selected suppliers are all ISO certified.Since early 2011, fischer analytics has been distributing CTS products with an ever-increasing user base.CTS parts are popular because they work well and are significantly less expensive. Why pay more? For this reason, in conclusion, we can claim to be proud to have such a company as a partner.