fischer analytics - your partner in HPLC and LC-MS laboratory

After a long time our company is located again in Bingen on the Rhine, which is the gateway to the World Heritage Site of the Middle Rhine Valley and where the event "Rhine in Flames" takes place every year in summer. Our philosophy is based on expert advice. A flexible and experienced team implements your special wishes. Free from corporate guidelines and global strategies, committed only to our customers, we provide support in all questions of analytics, especially in chromatography and mass spectrometry. In the future, we will be even more committed to this area and will constantly bring further innovations to the market in the form of our own products. In our application laboratory, high-quality HPLC systems and tandem mass spectrometers are always available for demonstration. (e.g. WATERS SQD, TOF-MS, Thermo TSQ-Quantum). Your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer high quality at fair conditions in all our fields of activity. This of course includes the timely processing of your orders, a scientific and technical feedback beyond the sale and the strict protection of the confidentiality of your data / application. As a partner of your company, it is also our goal to strengthen the competitiveness of your laboratory.

Individual solutions

Here we do not simply sell you a spectrometer or chromatograph, but the solution to your measuring task. Through intensive preliminary discussions, gladly also at your site, we first clarify your needs, match the result with the available budget - and offer you a customized system, which can also be set up for you by our service technicians. Then you can be sure that the system will deliver what we promise and that you will never pay too much for it.

Our service

We offer service especially for:

  • Mass spectrometers (Single Quad, -TOF, MS-MS)
  • Liquid chromatography preparative (LC, HPLC, FPLC, FCPC, SMB, Autopurification)
  • Liquid chromatography analytical (HPLC, U-HPLC)
  • Special detectors (ELSD, ECD, CAD….)

Interest aroused?

In order for us to have the possibility to arrange our appointments according to you, please inform us in time, so that you can start your desired system in the foreseeable future.

Our company history

  • 2022 It goes back to Saarlandstraße: Move to Bingen Dietersheim, Saarlandstraße 377.
  • 2014 Move to Weiler, Duhlwiesen 32.
  • 2012 Change of name to "fischer analytics GmbH" - and the new, current logo was created.
  • 2008 Change of name to "fischer analytics oHG", plus the webshop / cooperation with CTS (today Sciencix).
  • 2006 Change of name to "fischer analytics" (sole proprietorship), focus now on HPLC and MS, cooperation with FLOM.
  • 2004 Relocation to Bingen-Büdesheim in the Scharlachberg / Saarlandstraße 62.
  • 2002 Start as "r.fischer analytic consult" in Bingerbrück, Stromberger Straße Sales office and service of ESA detectors, internet trade with used equipment