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Mass spectrometry: Service expertise and techniques

We offer you a range of services. Our long-term employees analyze your sample with reliability:

  • Mass spectrometry service (MS)
    • High resolution mass spectrometry (High resolution mass spectrometry HR-MS)
    • Tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS and MSn)
    • On request we offer the possibility to perform MRMMRM (Multiple reaction monitoring) experiments
  • Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry service (Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry LC-MS)
    • Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry coupled with (Electrospray ionization ESI)
    • Nano liquid chromatography mass spectrometry
    • On request we also offer Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization,APCI
  • Liquid chromatography service
    • Reversed phase chromatographie RP-LC
    • Normal phase chromatographie
    • On request 2D chromatography

How do we perform LC-MS analysis?

We discuss the analytics with you: Improve existing methods or develop new ones together. We take care of sample preparation and analyze your samples under strict laboratory conditions. Each analysis is checked and approved by two scientists before being sent to the customer. You receive a detailed report with the results.

We stand for the results with the usual guarantee at fischer:Service with satisfaction guarantee!

Are you satisfied with the methods? We support you in establishing the method in your laboratory. Together we will find the optimal analytics for your samples. For questions and offers please contact us.

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