FLOM SP-12 STEEL / Ausstellungsstück

Product information "FLOM SP-12 STEEL / Ausstellungsstück"

PCS PUMP SP-12 series

Single plunger pumps with latest technology. Delivers reliable performance for simple solvent flow operation.


  • Compact design
  • Quick plunger return for shorter flow interruption
  • Flow pressure sensor for real-time pressure monitoring
  • Pressure limiter for column protection
  • Dosing mode
  • Non-metal PEEK pump available
  • Three pump models available for micro, analytical and preparative applications
Model No.SP-12-MSP-12-12SP-12-13SP-12-32SP-12-33
Max. Pressure (MPa)20MPa20MPa10MPa5MPa2MPa
Flow Rate Range0.01~1.00mL/min0.01~2.00mL/min0.1~5.00mL/min0.1~10.0mL/min0.1~20.0mL/min
Plunger Diameterφ 2φ 3.27 φ
Plunger Stroke2mm2mm4mm2mm4mm
Flow Volume Per Stroke8µl16µl32µl77µl154µl
Flow Volume Accuracy+ 0.5%  
Special FunctionsFlow Volume Calibration, Flow Pressure Calibration, Flow Pressure Limit, Pulse ReductionMode, Dispensing Mode (0.01 or 0.1-1000mL)
Wetted MaterialsS.Steel or PEEK, Sapphire, Rubby, PTFE, PCTFE
Remote Input/OutputInput: PUMP ON/OFF, Flow Volume (BCD) (4-20mA analogue input optional) Output: Error
Dimensions (mm)144(H) X 79(W) X 285(D)  
WeightAppr. 3.0kg