Waters Acquity UPLC TQ Detector

Product information "Waters Acquity UPLC TQ Detector"
  • Two high resolution quadrupole analyzers (MS1/MS2), plus prefilters to maximize resolution and transmission while preventing contamination of the main analyzers.
  • T-Wave™1 enabled for optimal MS/MS performance at high data acquisition rates.
  • Low noise, off axis, long life photomultiplier detector
  • Digital dynamic range up to 4 x 10^6.
  • Full scan MS
    Product ion scan
    Precursor ion scan
    Constant neutral loss
    Selected Ion Recording (SIR)
    Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM)
  • Survey scan modes: Full scan MS triggered product ion scan
  • Mass range 2 to 2048 m/z
  • Scan speed Up to 10,000 Da/s
  • Examples of achievable acquisition rates 10 scans per second (m/z 100 to 1000), 20 scans per second (m/z 50 to 500)
  • Mass stability Mass drift is <0.1 Da over a 24 hour period