Waters micromass Quattro Premier XE

Product information "Waters micromass Quattro Premier XE"
Specialized quantitative applications, including ADME screening, bioanalysis, clinical analysis, as well as food safety and environmental monitoring, require high sensitivity, high performance LC/MS/MS instrumentation. Compliance with stringent regulatory guidelines may also be necessary with these applications.

Compact size - Uses only 18.9" (48 cm) of linear bench

T-Wave collision cell for optimum performance at fast acquisition rates and a polarity
switching time of only 20 ms ensures that the Quattro Premier XE is ideally suited to the demands of UPLC.

Dynamic range—up to 5 orders of magnitude for accurate determination across a wide concentration range.

Data Directed Analysis for intelligent, automated MS to MS/MS switching within a single analytical run.

The new low-noise WhisperTM detector in the Quattro Premier XE provides a detection
efficiency approaching 100% for single ions. Situated after the second analyzer and
featuring integral focusing optics, the detector‘s high voltage dynode and phosphor are
positioned 90 ̊ off-axis to eliminate neutral noise. The detector can rapidly switch polarity
(20 ms), allowing the detection of both positive and negative ions in a chromatographic
peak. In addition, the detector’s robust photomultiplier tube is sealed for life in a vacuum
envelope, guaranteeing years of maintenance free service.