Manual Valve, 1-2 port rotary

Product information "Manual Valve, 1-2 port rotary"
Manual Valves for LC applications in an extremely small footprint with supersmall high performance Ods of 25mm and 30mm. Connectors and controls on the front face for easy installation and access. Wetted material is inert PEEK.
Part NumberV200V201V204V512V239
Application6 port analyticalPath Selection2 port selector
Max Pressure (MPa)20MPa30MPa(low pressure)
Tube OD1/16"3mm
Path Diameter0.6mm(0.024")0.8mm(0.03")1.0mm(0.04")
Fluid Path Diameter: 0.8 mm
Max. Pressure: 20 MPa / 2900 psi
Wetted materials: PEEK